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Cotton Poly Blend Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Koloa Surf Co. 50/50 Cotton Polyester Long Sleeve Surf Shirts

It’s feels like winter and it's becoming a necessity to break out the long sleeve T-shirts on days we crave that extra bit of warmth. With Koloa long sleeve T-shirts, you can stay warm while not overheating if the sun happens to peek out.

These long sleeve surf shirts are decorated with some of our customers surfing designs, so you can let like-minded people know about your interests, no matter what season it is.

These 50% cotton 50% polyester shirts are made a little thinner than our 100% cotton offerings. They are great if you don’t like wearing such a heavy shirt, but it still makes them the perfect attire to wear on a cool day. They pair well with anything, can be layered for cooler days, and every single Koloa long sleeve T-shirt is proudly printed in the US. Koloa long sleeve shirts are shipped free anywhere in the United States, and the more you buy, the more you save!

Your wardrobe isn’t complete without at least one of these laidback long sleeve tees, so make sure you get yours before because surf season never ends! It's never a bad time to buy a surf long sleeve T-shirt, so why not grab a few for a good price?